diminutive stoneware

hello my hoomans,

hope all is well with you - can't beleive it is MAY ! well, da weather was kinda crappy all april pretty much, it felt like we had a looong march and no april… 

i am leaving to japan on 5/16 for 3 weeks, to visit my friends and parents - it has been 6 years since my last visit, so it will be very nice to see them.  my mother pretty much did not believe me when i said i am coming… hahaha i don't blame her.

i work as an aide at a nursing home, i have been doing it for a long time and i think it is my natural calling. it sure is not an easy job by any means, but i am pretty much a natural born nursing aide - i get so SO much out of this job beyond words,  my recent encounter with a resident and his family members really made me appreciate my job and realize how much i love my job. i am forever grafeful for whatever lead me to this job years ago. 

hope you all enjoy this beautiful spring in cleveland - cuz we all know, it won't last very long ! 

love to all,

first week of may 2018,

ikuko miklowski