diminutive stoneware

hello my hoomans,

hope this finds you well…

hard to believe it is end of november ! and dat means… yes, ArtCraft Holiday Sale is just around da corner, in fact it is this coming weekend :D

anyone who was checking in to the site to see any information about my life, i apologize for being an incommunicado. i unfortunately had a quite few set backs this year physically. but i am slowly getting back on my feet / wheel… so, daz my excuse for small inventory for this coming sale ! excuses are good if its made before da event… hahaha. but please stop by, enjoy all da great yum yum eye candies. this is our 31st annual holiday sale - for me this is my 15th year participating this wonderful sale. in December 2003, ArtCraft Sale was my very first time to be out in public with my work, i was one of the invited artists, i was a nervous wreck but everyone treated me like i was their own. i have called this place my 2nd home for 5 years now, and i couldn’t be any happier. not only everyone is extremely talented but they are one of a kind, sweetest and kindest one can be. i love my studio mates, and what they create from the bottoms of their hearts.

hope to see you this weekend !

love to all.

end of november 2018

ikuko m.